Go Baroque!
Historically Informed Performance for Modern Flutists

with Leela Breithaupt

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Breithaupt is a member of the Indianapolis Baroque Orchestra under the direction of Barthold Kuijken. Her modern flute teachers are Robert Willoughby and Karlheinz Zoeller. She has furthered her knowledge of traverso by collaborating with Barthold Kuijken and Wilbert Hazelet.
Every flutist knows the pleasure of performing the great Baroque and Classical masterpieces -­‐ J.S. Bach Sonatas, Telemann Fantasies, C.P.E. Bach Sonatas, Quantz and Mozart Concertos. But how might the composers have imagined these pieces, or how would flutists like Frederick the Great or Jacques Hotteterre have played them while the ink was still fresh?

As a professional performer and teacher of both modern flute and traverso, I have designed this workshop to delve into these questions. Using a hands on approach, we will look at how Baroque performance practice techniques and ornamentation can be translated to modern flute, how to decipher facsimiles of 18th century handwritten manuscripts, and how traverso technique and phrasing differs from modern flute. The workshop offers a variety of glimpses into the HIP world t hrough an open masterclass format, demonstration, and discussion of performance practice elements such as beat hierarchy, dance rhythms, and stylistic gesture.

Students, professional flutists, and teachers are invited to join Leela Breithaupt in an exploration of how Baroque performance practice traverso techniques and ornamentation can be translated to modern flute. Bring your flute and gain a new HIP (Historically Informed Performance) dimension to your playing.


Bach Sonatas
Telemann Fantasies and Methodical Sonatas
Hotteterre Suites
CPE Bach Sonatas

3 to 4 performers
5 minute Baroque flute solo performance by Leela Breithaupt
Try out a Baroque flute and play a Boismortier Concerto for 5 flutes