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Powell flute #3118
Handmade thin wall flute made by Elmer Waterhouse in 1969.
Straubinger pads installed by David Straubinger.
This flute has its original headjoint along with another silver headjoint that gives it that really silvery sound of a Powell .
This flute feels incredibly stable in the hands as well as when being played.
Also for sale: 14k Geoghegan headjoint

for additional information:
Jay Pendley

Powell 678 - contact Immanuel Davis (

Haynes No. 35560
B foot
2 headjoints: 1) designed by Bennett with an extra thick wall and 2) standard.  
It is in perfect condition and a lovely flute.  Purchased from Tom Nyfenger
Sharon Powers

Boston Legacy Ironwood Piccolo
This piccolo has a sweet tone and is in excellent condition.
Priced to sell at ($1600). (Paypal is ok.) Would prefer to sell to someone in the tri-state area. Please email for more information. (

Foster Extension $150
David Williams Flute (C foot, 442) $10,000
Contact: Mary-Ann