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Foster Extension $100 

David Williams Flute

Pitch 442, C foot

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  1. Powell flute - #462 - Has 3 extra keys - left hand C# and C natural keys and right hand G# key.  The name Peter Caso is engraved on the box of the body. Extra C footjoint and Bb extension that fit this flute. Engraved liplate and left hand rest. Has special case so the footjoint doesn't have to be removed, and Wirkkala leather/velvet case cover. Paul said it was made with all the extra keys because the owner had short fingers and couldn't reach the low notes. Powell Flute #462 Sterling silver, soldered tone holes, .014 tubing, Traditional Powell Scale, A-440, French cups, B foot joint, Custom C# trill, Offset G, Left Hand Low B and C lever. It was made December 10, 1941.   These flutes were custom made for Mr. Caso himself, with unique embellishments and unique extra features.   
  2.  Powell silver piccolo - #529 - Left hand engraved rest and right thumb button for support.  Engraved lip plate. Peter Caso name is engraved on headjoint.  Powell Piccolo #529 is a Custom Sterling Silver piccolo and  was made April 23, 1943.
  3. Powell flute - #4463 - Silver with low B footjoint. In-line G.
  4. Haynes piccolo - #5135 - wooden piccolo, however original headjoint has a crack that was repaired. Paul had Jeff Weissman make another headjoint in brown (?) wood. Both headjoints have mother of pearl buttons on top.
  5. Gold crown fit to older Powell flute - bought from David Samperi
  6. Yamaha silver headjoint - bought from Tomoji Hirakata - no name on headjoint
  7. Powell headjoint with black plastic lip plate - possibly made for someone allergic to silver (?)